New Day-New Way FAQs about “On-Campus” Worship

With the return of on-campus worship, here are the answers to frequently asked questions:

Return to On-Campus Worship:

When will St. Stephen Church be open for everyone? For those who would like to return to on-campus worship, the return date is Sunday, July 18.

Will there be social distancing in the worship service? No. All campuses will be open at full capacity seating. However, at this time, you will be required to wear a mask or face shield. Also, at this time, your temperature will be taken when you enter the building.

Continue with On-line Worship:

Can I still worship online after July 18? Yes. St. Stephen Church is a church without walls. We are reaching thousands of people across the nation and beyond, and encourage anyone who would like to continue to worship online, to do that.

Sunday Worship Times:

What are the times for on-campus worship?

Indiana Campus – 8:30 AM

Louisville Campus – 9:30 AM

Hardin County Campus – 11:30 AM

* Pastor Cosby will preach in-person at each campus.

Wednesday Night Service:

How many services will held on Wednesday night?

There will be one Wednesday night service that will be streamed live from the Louisville Campus at 7 PM

On Campus Giving:

How do I give my offering when I return on campus? During the worship service, the Offering appeal will continue to be conducted as it’s been done for on-line worship. However, for those attending on-campus worship, there will be wall mounted safes located beside the doorway entrances that lead into the worship center, across all campuses. You may place your offering in the wall mounted safe “before” you enter the worship center or upon “exiting” the worship center, and the trustees will pick it up. At the Louisville campus, You may also place your offering inside of the door slot of the Trustee Room.

Streaming Live:

What changes can I expect with the live streaming of our worship service to people across the nation and around the world?

– The Center Aisle will contain the main camera so Please avoid walking down the center aisle.

– You will see “please be quiet, live recording in session” signs, as you enter the worship center, so please enter accordingly.

– When the opening video begins to play, worship service has begun so please pay attention to the screens and prepare your heart and mind for worship.

– Pastor and the worship leaders will place more emphasis in looking into the camera and speaking to the online worshippers.

The Invitation Period (Prayer or Uniting with the Church) at on campus worship:

Where do I go for prayer or if I would like to unite with St. Stephen?

There will be decision counselors, deacons, ministers or prayer ministry members located on each side of the altar at the front of the church. (Due to streaming online, we request that the middle aisle remain clear from any visual interferences for our online worshippers)

Sunday School:

Will we have on campus Sunday School Class when we return? We are a church without walls, and are reaching people across the nation. All Sunday School Classes (at all campuses) will continue to meet by Zoom or a streaming platform.


Will Ministries begin meeting back on campus? St. Stephen is a church without walls. With that, ministries will continue to meet virtually, to encourage participation of members who are a part of our “on-line” campus; and to reach people across the nation and beyond.

Sermon notes:

How can I obtain the sermon notes: You can obtain an electronic copy of the sermon notes by scanning the QR code with your smart phone which will be provided on the screens inside of the worship center. In addition, you can still obtain the sermon notes from; the church app and through email. To sign up to have the sermon notes emailed to you, please email

Children’s Church:

Will children’s church be held? Children should attend church with their family inside of the worship center

Entering the Building:

Which door should I use to enter the church building?

On the Indiana Campus, you will continue to enter through the front doors.

On the Louisville campus, you will be able enter through the front doors of the church or through the Family Life Center doors. Only the worship team participants should enter through the choir rehearsal hall door. The same door that was used for our disabled members will continue to be used.

On the Hardin County campus, continue to enter through the main front doors. Door C will be used for disabled members and those participating directly in worship only.

Mattie’s Kitchen Restaurant at the Louisville Campus:

Will Mattie’s Kitchen be open? The restaurant will be open immediately after worship. At this time, all dinners will be for carry-out only. Dinners are $12 or $10 for seniors.

If you have a question that has not been addressed, please send the question to info@ssclive