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Are you a seeking a place where you can meet, fellowship and volunteer with other Christians? Or are you a searching for a place where you can engage in fun-filled, Christian activities? Well, LOOK NO FURTHER! St. Stephen Church offers a number of ministries that connects men, women, and children with one another in order to develop Christian relationships and to spread the teachings of Christ throughout the community.
Top Ten List- The list is a great place to begin your search for volunteer opportunities. I Don’t see the opportunity that interests you? Call the Volunteer Hotline-(502)583-6798 Ext 6759 and ask for more options, come to the Serving Connection Center located just outside the worship center, or fill out the interest form here.

Volunteer Hotline- Use the Hotline to indicate your interest in a volunteer opportunity or to get connected to more information about volunteering at St. Stephen. The number is (502) 583-6798 Ext 6759.

Serving Connection Center– Each week just a small portion of opportunities are featured in the Serving connection center. It is a great place to find information about volunteering. Our trained volunteer placement coordinators will assist you in finding a place to serve, or provide information about how to have a more extensive consultation about volunteering at St Stephen Church.

Volunteer Placement Coordinators– These valuable volunteers provide a more extensive consultation to help match people to volunteer opportunities at St. Stephen. To receive a call, simply leave your name and number on the Volunteer Hotline ( 502) 583-6798 Ext 6759 or e-mail us at

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