We have many different ministries that are as diverse as they are welcoming, so you’re sure to find the right fit for you. Join a ministry at any time! Rev Lesa Dae, Director of Ministries


Alzheimer’s Support Group

Alzheimer’s Support Group supports those who are dealing with loved ones who suffer with dementia at all levels.  The group seeks to allow participants to gain comfort, strength and knowledge of ways to cope during this trying time.



Audio Visual (A/V)

The A/V Ministry seeks volunteers who will be trained to work with all facets of audio visual functions.  This will include working with cameras, lighting, sound board, screens and sound mechanisms.


Titus Robertson – – All campuses

Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts are seeks volunteers who enjoy working with our boys.  Scouts are looking for male mentors, pack leaders, scout masters and men who are willing to work in whatever capacity needed.  Boy Scouts needs men who have made a decision for Christ and a have passion for helping our boys.


Stallydia Mucker – – Louisville


C.A.M.P. stands for Christian Addiction Ministry Program.  C.A.M.P. seeks individuals who are struggling with or who have overcome an addiction of any kind (drug, sex, gambling, smoking, etc) to be support, encouragement and testament of a changed life.  C.A.M.P. ministry participants pray with and give counsel to others struggling with addiction.

Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry seeks volunteers to handle the many duties that make Children’s ministry work.  From infants to kindergarteners volunteers are needed to care for, teach, play with and love our little ones. A heart for children is a must for this ministry.


VACANT – Louisville

Karen O’Bannon – – Indiana


Comfort & Encouragement

Comfort & Encouragement Ministry prays for as well as  mails out correspondence to our sick and shut-in members and those who have lost loved ones.  This ministry seeks those with a compassionate heart to offer comfort during times of sorrow.


Pat Frances – – Louisville & Indiana

Emma Tyler – – Hardin

Decision Counselors

Decision Counselors’ are trained volunteers whose primary ministry is to assist those who have made a decision for Christ through the process of getting connected to St Stephen Church.  Being Christ-centered, compassion, patience and having a love for people are traits of a would-be decision counselor.


Norman Cleaver – – Louisville

Ann Wills – – Indiana

Darren Hargrove – – Hardin

Emergency Response Team (ERT)

The ERT is comprised of and seeks credentialed medical professionals who will volunteer to serve at weekend services in case an emergency situation should occur.  The Emergency Medical Team also provides health care information as well as sponsor semi-annual health fairs.


Kim Wilson – – Louisville

Marcia Coleman – – Indiana

Stephanie Melvin – – Hardin


Evangelism is the “Great Commission” ministry of the church.  Volunteers serving in this ministry are involved in inviting people to “come and see” and worship with us St Stephen.  Evangelism also engages in door to door witnessing, community outreach sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.


            Ken Jobst – – Louisville

Carrie Russell – – Indiana

Mike Tinker – – Hardin

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts seeks volunteers who enjoy working with our girls in different capacities.  Girl Scouts are looking for female role-models, den mothers, scout leaders and women who have made a decision for Christ and have a passion for helping our girls toward maturity.


DeLisa Love – – Louisville



Greeter Ministry seeks volunteers who have a spirit of hospitality.  Our greeters are the first faces you encounter as you enter the building.  A warm smile and a kind greeting is what every greeter needs to possess.


Cheryl Belmar – – Louisville

Gwen McGregory – – Indiana

Amelia Sanders – – Hardin


Grief Support

Grief Ministry gives support to those who are grieving over the death of a loved one.  The ministry offers an eight week workshop designed to help those in bereavement understand and cope with the grieving process.


Carolyn Collins – – All campuses



Marriage Ministry

Marriage Ministry supports couples and promotes biblical principles for handling the real issues that married couples face.  All married and engaged couples, those dating or single who want to get an understanding of what it takes to make marriage work are invited to participate in marriage ministry.


Delondo & Mary Elizabeth Miles – – Louisville & Indiana

VACANT – Hardin

Kacheya & LaToya McClellan –

Men’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry invites men to participate in activities designed for fellowship, teaching and partnering with other men  to maximize and mature through biblical teaching and practical application. All men are urged to participate.


William Fortson – – Louisville

Kevin Durham – – Indiana

Curtis Brunson –


Millennial Ministry

The Millennial Ministry is composed of two groups.  It is designed for young adults ages 18-24 and young adults 25-35.  The ministry seeks to help young adults navigate through these very crucial stages of life.  Biblical principles along with real talk, fun and fellowship make this an ideal ministry for young adults.


Tamron Keith – – Louisville

VACANT – Indiana

Christie Stewart –



Missions is an outreach ministry seeking volunteers who have a heart to help those who need assistance providing clothing, food and various resources to the community.


Juanita Rutledge – – Louisville

Zetta Conley – – Indiana

LaQuita Gaskins – – Hardin


Nurses Guild (Health & Wellness)

Nurses Guild provides altar assistance at all worship services, as well as provide assistance at funerals.  The Nurses guild is supported by the Emergency Medical Team in case of an emergency.  Volunteers for this ministry do not need medical training, but do need a willingness to serve.


Beverly Morrow – – Louisville


Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry seeks volunteers who have a heart and passion to pray and intercede for our Pastor, our church, our community and the world.  Prayer is the key. Faith unlocks the door.


Rhonda Joseph – – Louisville

Dot Nichols – – Indiana

LaToya Alston – – Hardin


Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry seeks those who are willing and able to go into jails and prisons to minister the gospel to inmates.  This ministry requires a screening process to qualify to serve.  “I was in prison and you did not visit me.”


Silas Birch – – Louisville

Ronald Smalley – – Hardin


S.O.U.L. Cancer  (Spiritual Outreach United in Love)  VACANT

S.O.U.L. Cancer Survival ministry is a support group for cancer survivors.  S.O.U.L. seeks those who are cancer survivors who want to meet, support and encourage each other.  S.O.U.L. offers a safe place for all cancer survivors.


Traffic Team – Warren Nash –

Traffic Team directs campus traffic from all parking lots each weekend.  Volunteers may also be asked to help those who need help in and out of the building.  The Traffic Team needs those who are available to assist sunshine, rain, sleet or snow.

            Contact person

Warren Nash – – Louisville

Curtis Brunson – – Hardin


Transportation seeks qualified van/bus drivers  to shuttle  those requesting/requiring transportation to and from home to church.  Drivers may also transport church groups to other St Stephen related events.


Mark McCoy – – All Campuses


Usher Ministry seeks persons with a spirit of hospitality and service.  Ushers serve at each service during the week and all services on the weekend.  Ushers are called upon for funerals and other church events as needed.  The person with a servant’s heart will desire to serve as a “doorkeeper in the house of the Lord’.


Amber Spriggs – – Louisville

Barry James – – Indiana

Donna Taylor – – Hardin


Women’s Ministry (SIS – Sisters In Spirit)

Women’s Ministry seeks to engage the women of St Stephen Church and women from the community in fellowship, teaching, sister to sister ministry and exciting events that draw us together in service and honor of our Lord.  Women’s ministry exists to help women reach their highest potential in life and in Christ. All women are invited.


Lesa Dae – – Louisville

Stephanie Barber – – Indiana

Jeannette Stephens –

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry seeks those ages 12 – 17 to participate in learning the principles of scripture, finding fellowship with each other, enriching academic knowledge, learning social skills and sharing in fun activities.  Adult volunteers are needed to assist the Youth Ministry Leaders.


Frenchie Flanagan –  – Louisville

Dot Nichols –  – Indiana

Rosie Robertson – – Hardin