The God Factor

Jeremiah 32:6-44 CEV
6 Later, when I was in prison, the Lord said:
7 Jeremiah, your cousin Hanamel, the son of your uncle
Shallum, will visit you. He must sell his field near the
town of Anathoth, and because you are his nearest
relative, you have the right and the responsibility to
buy it and keep it in the family.
8 Hanamel came, just as the Lord had promised. And he
said, “Please buy my field near Anathoth in the territory
of the Benjamin tribe. You have the right to buy it, and
if you do, it will stay in our family.” The Lord had told me
to buy it
9 from Hanamel, and so I did. The price was seventeen
pieces of silver, and I weighed out the full amount on a
10 I had two copies of the bill of sale written out, each
containing all the details of our agreement. Some
witnesses and I signed the official copy, which was
folded and tied, before being sealed shut with hot
wax. Then I gave Hanamel the silver.
12 And while he, the witnesses, and all the other Jews
sitting in the courtyard were still watching, I gave both
copies to Baruch son of Neriah.
13 I told Baruch that the Lord had said: Take both copies
of this bill of sale, one sealed shut and the other open,
and put them in a clay jar so they will last a long time.
15 I am the Lord All-Powerful, the God of Israel, and I
promise you that people will once again buy and sell
houses, farms, and vineyards in this country.
16 Then I prayed:
17 Lord God, you stretched out your mighty arm and
made the sky and the earth. You can do anything.
18 You show kindness for a thousand generations, but you
also punish people for the sins of their parents. You are
the Lord All-Powerful.
19 With great wisdom you make plans, and with your
great power you do all the mighty things you planned.
Nothing we do is hidden from your eyes, and you
reward or punish us as we deserve.
20 You are famous because you worked miracles in
Egypt, and you are still working them in Israel and in
the rest of the world as well.
21 You terrified the Egyptians with your miracles, and
you reached out your mighty arm and rescued your
people Israel from Egypt.
22 Then you gave Israel this land rich with milk and honey,
just as you had promised our ancestors.
23 But when our ancestors took over the land, they did
not obey you. And now you have punished Israel with
24 Jerusalem is under attack, and we suffer from hunger
and disease. The Babylonians have already built
dirt ramps up to the city walls, and you can see that
Jerusalem will be captured just as you said.
25 So why did you tell me to get some witnesses and buy
a field with my silver, when Jerusalem is about to be
captured by the Babylonians?
26 The Lord explained:
27 Jeremiah, I am the Lord God. I rule the world, and I
can do anything!
28 It is true that I am going to let King Nebuchadnezzar of
Babylonia capture Jerusalem.
29 The Babylonian army is already attacking, and they
will capture the city and set it on fire. The people of
Jerusalem have made me angry by going up to the
flat roofs of their houses and burning incense to Baal
and offering wine sacrifices to other gods. Now these
houses will be burned to the ground!
30 The kings and the officials, the priests and the prophets,
and everyone else in Israel and Judah have turned
from me and made me angry by worshiping idols.
Again and again I have tried to teach my people to
obey me, but they refuse to be corrected. I am going
to get rid of Jerusalem, because its people have done
nothing but evil.
34 They have set up disgusting idols in my temple, and
now it isn’t a fit place to worship me.
35 And they led Judah into sin by building places to
worship Baal in Hinnom Valley, where they also
sacrificed their sons and daughters to the god Molech.
I have never even thought of telling them to commit
such disgusting sins.
36 Jeremiah, what you said is true. The people of
Jerusalem are suffering from hunger and disease,
and so the king of Babylonia will be able to capture
37 I am angry at the people of Jerusalem, and I will
scatter them in foreign countries. But someday I will
bring them back here and let them live in safety.
38 They will be my people, and I will be their God.
39 I will make their thoughts and desires pure. Then they
will realize that, for their own good and the good of
their children, they must worship only me. They will
even be afraid to turn away from me. I will make an
agreement with them that will never end, and I won’t
ever stop doing good things for them. With all my heart
I promise that they will be planted in this land once
42 Even though I have brought disaster on the people, I
will someday do all these good things for them.
43 Jeremiah, when you bought the field, you showed that
fields will someday be bought and sold again. You say
that this land has been conquered by the Babylonians
and has become a desert, emptied of people and
44 But someday, people will again spend their silver to
buy fields everywhere—in the territory of Benjamin,
the region around Jerusalem and the towns of Judah,
and in the hill country, the foothills to the west, and
the Southern Desert. Buyers and sellers and witnesses
will sign and seal the bills of sale for the fields. It will
happen, because I will give this land back to my
people. I, the Lord, have spoken.
Jeremiah 4:19 CEV – I can’t stand the pain! My heart
pounds, as I twist and turn in agony. I hear the signal
trumpet and the battle cry of the enemy, and I cannot be
Jeremiah 8:18 CEV – I’m burdened with sorrow and feel like
giving up.
Jeremiah 9:1 CEV – I wish that my eyes were fountains of
tears, so I could cry day and night for my people who were
Jeremiah 15:8 CEV – There will be more widows in Judah
than grains of sand on a beach.
A surprise attack at noon! And the mothers in Jerusalem
mourn for their children.
Jeremiah 30:15 CEV – So don’t bother to cry out for relief

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