The Power of Great Books

The Power of Great Books
Staff Presentation by Rev. Dr. Kevin Cosby
Monday, June 17, 2013

2 Timothy 4:13 GNV
13 When you come, bring my coat that I left in Troas with Carpus; bring the books too, and especially the ones made of parchment.

• The word bible is the Greek word byblos which is the word for BOOK.
• You will be no greater than the BOOKS you read and the people you ASSOCIATE with.
• The highest 10% of the wage earners in America read TWO to THREE hours a day. EIGHTY % of all Americans have not purchased a book in over a year.

• If you are going to be a leader you have to be thinking FAR in ADVANCE of the people you are leading.
• A poor appetite for good books ultimately leads to intellectual MALNUTRITION.
• Mark Twin said, “There is no difference between the person who CAN’T read and the person who WON’T read.”

Growing churches need GROWING LEADERS.

African Americans went from FIVE % literacy to SEVENTY FIVE % literacy from 1865- 1915.

Harriett Beecher Stowe said the newly freed slaves wanted books more than bread. In the minds of the freedmen, LITERACY was antithetical to SLAVERY.
The freedmen wanted to prove that they could ADVANCE America.

Always remember you are IN if you help me WIN.

I. What can Great books DO FOR YOU
1. Great books will BROADEN your WORLD.
2. Great books will SHARPEN your SKILLS
• Wise people learn from EXPERIENCE
• Wiser people learn from the EXPERIENCES of others

A. They are more patient
B. They are always available
C. They are not offended when you disagree

If I can see further than others it’s simply because I am STANDING on the SHOULDERS of others.

3. Great books DEVELOP your MIND

1 Peter1:13 GNV – “…have your minds ready for action…”
We only use TWO % of our brain power.
We consume more SOUL FOOD than BRAIN FOOD.
That’s why are BELLIES are bigger than our BRAINS.

There is a direct correlation between the level of your THINKING and the level of your PROGRESS.

You will never rise any higher than your THOUGHTS and ASPIRATIONS.

Books help your:

4. Great books INSPIRE your HEART.

II. What can you do for GREAT BOOKS
A. Make TIME read DAILY
B. BALANCE your reading
C. Don’t WASTE time
D. Know what not TO READ
? Know the author
? Look at the references
? Look at who they quote
? Note the Publisher
E. Just don’t read the book, INTERACT with it
F. Use what you LEARN

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