Women’s Ministry

Sisters In Spirit (SIS) is an inclusive, one-size-fits-all ministry which mobilizes women of all ages and religious stages. Our mission is to invite women into a relationship with God and through sisterhood, encourage the use of their spiritual gifts to further the mission of the church.

We achieve this by:

Providing assistance in building the spiritual, intellectual and emotional well being of women.

Creating an environment that encourages productivity, rewards effort and initiative, and provides a spiritual climate in which each woman can experience growth.

Reaching out to hurting women, single women, married women, homeless families, mothers of prodigals, full-time homemakers, professional women in the workplace, women with addictive lifestyle behaviors, old church members, new church members, and women seeking or wanting to strengthen a relationship with God.

St. Stephen Church Women’s Ministry


One thought on “Women’s Ministry

  1. Terry Maddox says:

    I am a single mom I would like to grow more in spirit and and get more involved in church. I think sis would a great start.

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