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  1. Terry Y. Maddox says:

    I’m a member who just returned back to St. Stephen. I’m also looking for something for my 14 year to be involved in a St.Stephen to get move involved and the understanding of church and life.

    1. melissa e. says:

      Get your child involved in TNG!!!!!! The Next Generation is a youth group under the leadership of Frenchie (sorry, don’t know her last name) but they are doing awesome things, and she does an incredible job with them!!! Please call the church, and ask about getting your child involved in TNG!!! You won’t regret it…

  2. Michal V Harris says:

    I live in Chicago and hope to worship with you soon.

    1. melissa e. says:

      We would love to have you!!!! Please definitely come by and join us!!! Also please remember you can always live stream, until you physically get here! SSCLIVE.org, then go to “watch” to live stream the services!!!

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